Finger Lakes Winter Waterfalls

Today we got some shots of our local waterfalls that are swollen with the runoff from melting snow and rainfall. If the water stays up, then we should have a pretty decent opening day of trout come April 1st.


We started the tour at Taughannock Falls just north of Ithaca. They were really flowing well, and a lot of brave people actually hiked to the bottom!!
We drove into Ithaca to find Ithaca Falls. Ithaca Falls were by far the roaring-ist of them all. Waters in our area are definitely at capacity.
From Ithaca, we drove west towards Watkins Glen, and drove through Hector to get a shot of Hector Falls from the road.

Looking over the bridge at Hector Falls dumping into Seneca Lake.
Once we got to Watkins Glen we went to the base of the Watkins Glen State Park entrance to snap a shot of Glen Creek. There is still a lot of ice yet to melt.
From Watkins Glen we drove into Montour Falls and got a glimpse of Aunt Sarah’s Falls.
And finally at the end of Main St. in Montour Falls we found famous Che-Qua-Ga Falls
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