Back for More Musky!

I just finished up a three day charter with brothers Paul and Bernie Kotulack. They have fished with me many times and this time did not disappoint.

Day One
We fished the shallows with Radtkes and X-Raps. We landed five fish and missed six! Early in the day we had quite an occurrence. We had a fish on, and as we were reeling him in the line snapped, losing one of our new Radtke lures. After that disappointment, I tied on another Radtke, and made a pass back through the same water. Bam! The rod goes off, we reel the fish in to produce the same fish with the previous Radtke still in his mouth!! What a one in a million shot that was!! We even got the photo to share!
One fish, 2 Radtkes!

Bernie and his prize
Paul and Musky
Day Two
We were hit with a down pouring rain that sparked our first fish. We ran shallow for most of the day and then decided to change things up and go deep. We set our down riggers to 8,10,15, & 19 feet. Turned out to be the right decision and we hit fish right away!

Paul showing of one of the days fearsome fish!

Bernie and a nice Musky

Holding up one of the toothy critters

Day Three

This day was calm and sunny, fishing both shallow and deep we landed 2 by mid day. Our total for the three days of musky fishing was 11 musky. By far our best three day stint yet. I always look forward to fishing with Paul and Bernie.

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