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Who hasn’t been waiting for summer in the Northeast? Since our severe winter, we have all been counting down the days to summer solstice 2015.  We thought a great way to celebrate would be to offer a sunset paddle on the first day of summer.

Sunday morning started off overcast and muggy. We had our doubts about whether or not we would even see the sun! After an early afternoon rain shower, the skies opened up and revealed that beautiful golden orb in the sky!

Accompanied by a mild north wind, we set out on our journey from the Watkins Glen Village Marina to Hector Falls around 6:10 pm, with sunset slated for approximately 8:45 pm. Our group of paddlers consisted of: a chemist, a firefighter, a junior in high school, a junior in college, a 2nd grade teacher, a paralegal, a mechanic and a contingent from the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce.

The clouds and rain must have kept most of the recreational boaters off the water, because we had the lake to ourselves except for the Stroller IV and a stray boat or two. There were a few signs of debris from the torrential rain the region had received earlier in the week. The most impressive sign from those rains were the lingering waterfalls pouring off the Painted Rocks.

Several minutes before we had our sights on Hector Falls, we could hear the rushing water. Our senses told us that the falls would be an impressive sight. Now usually our tours are able to paddle up the canal to the base of the falls, right alongside the cliffs. However, on today’s tour the force of the water coming from the falls kept us a good distance from the base. It was quite a ride in the rapids heading back to the lake!

As we made our way back south to Watkins Glen we were treated with the lovely sight of the True Love sailboat along the eastern shore of Seneca Lake. Below is a photo of the sun getting ready to set for Seneca Lake’s first sunset of the summer season. The setting sun was certainly a sight to behold, and an inspiration for where we are taking our business. Keep checking back for more sunset paddles throughout the summer.


Seneca Lake embraces summer


Strong water and rapids keeping us from getting to the base of our destination, Hector Falls.


Random cascades along the eastern cliffs of Seneca Lake
Our dedicated group of paddlers determined to make it to Hector Falls.
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