Oh the sights you will see…

Another evening paddle is in the books.  We had near perfect conditions, as the lake laid down after a day of stormy Finger Lakes weather.  One nice thing about Seneca Lake, is that you will nearly never paddle the same conditions twice.

In addition to the pristine waters on the lake, we were treated to a few pleasant surprises.  As always watching the True Love sail past you is a sight to behold, but this night we witnessed the excitement of a sea plane making its landing on Seneca Lake.  As soon as we heard the hum of the single engine plane overhead, we all paused our paddling so we could take in the full experience.  The yellow sea plane banked over the Harbor Hotel then descended upon us as we floated along silently in awe.

Serene Seneca Lake by kayak



Seneca Legacy dinner boat on the left, deep center the yellow sea plane, far right the True Love schooner, and of course front and center a happy kayaker.


Close up shot of the yellow sea plane












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