Let the Wine Tours begin!

This last weekend we took a great group out wine touring the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. We picked our guests up in Watkins Glen, at Echoes of the Glen Bed and Breakfast, where owner Barbara Merrill treated us to some of her homemade, and might I add rather tasty, kuchen.
Once we picked up our guests, we headed north on the east side of Seneca Lake to start our tour at Wagner Vineyards. Our Buffalo area guests had an affinity for sweeter wines and decided to head south from there for stops at: Bagley’s Poplar Ridge, Penguin Bay, Tickle Hill, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, Red Newt, and Finger Lakes Distilling. From there we worked our way west to taste at Fruit Yard, Glenora, Fulkerson, and Lakewood Vineyards.
All in all a good day on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail! Now it’s time to get geared up for Cruisin‘ the Tropics March 26th-28th. Give us a call, we still have wine tour availability!
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