Catherine Creek-Fly Fishing

Great opening Day! Temps started out at 32 degrees, and the water temp, color and flow were all perfect. The fish definitely did not disappoint! I hooked up with a big one first thing, but he snapped me off. Drifting champagne egg flies I landed 4 fish from 15-20″. With a lull in the action, I switched over to chartreuse eggs and nailed a 20″ beauty. My fellow fishermen hooked up with 5 rainbows over 24″. I fished until 11am, and then I had to break away to take care of some business, and hang out with the family. Certainly a superb opening day! You can bet I’ll be making more time for some morning fishing here in the next few days!

A fellow angler with the first fish of the day
15″ on champagne

Beautiful Catherine Creek rainbow

Another angler with a nice 26″ rainbow

Opening morning on Catherine Creek

Last fish on chartruese

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