Catch a Bass…or two…or three….

Bass Fishing in the Finger Lakes….

Nice Bass Keith!

Fun cloud formations in the sky over Lamoka Lake.
Mike with a great catch, and Keith in the backround fishing for more.

Yet another great fish

We hit the water with my nephew, star lacrosse player Keith, and his friend Mike. Keith took a break from college lacrosse and work to enjoy a day of bass fishing in the Finger Lakes. We hit Lamoka lake for the day, and got our first fish within minutes. Casting spinner baits in the shallows, the fish were on all day, and the big ones were not shy! The lure of the day was a Texas Rig Yum Dinger 6″ in watermelon. The wind was strong all day, proving difficult for boat control. Despite the wind, we had a perfect day on the water.

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