Charter Fishing FAQ’s


Call today to book a charter in 2021 with Captain Mark!

◄           How many people are allowed on a charter? Our charter boat can fit a maximum of four people plus the captain.

◄           Will we need a fishing license? Yes, you can purchase one through the NY DEC website, or at a local retailer like WalMart.

◄           What are some of the things I might like to remember to bring with me? We suggest that everyone bring along sunscreen and sunglasses (preferably polarized). At hat or at the very least a visor can be necessary.

◄           Can I bring my iPad, camera, laptop, cell phone and other electronics? Yes, you can bring your electronics along, especially your digital camera. However, keep in mind that the waters can sometimes be a rough and wet place. Water and electronics do not do well together. Summit to Stream Adventures cannot be responsible for the safety of your electronics.

◄           Do I need to bring any fishing gear or bait? No, we provide the very highest quality fishing gear and the freshest bait available.

◄           What is the best clothing for a charter? We recommend that you wear layered clothing for both extremes. Many times we will leave a cold dock only to fish in hot humid weather.

◄           Can I keep my fish? We are primarily a catch and release operation. With that being said, if you inform us ahead of time that you would like to keep your fish, we can make arrangements for you to do so.

◄           What happens if the weather is bad? It is the captain’s choice concerning the weather. Please show up for your trip even if you are sure that your trip will be canceled. Often the weather is much different on the water than it is at the dock. If the captain determines it necessary to cancel your trip we can discuss when to reschedule your charter.