Sunset and Fitness Paddle Tours

We have two really exciting opportunities for our new public kayak tour offerings! Click on the links below for PDF’s and to learn more about what Summit to Stream is offering.

Kayaking for fitness kayak tour

Seneca Lake Sunset Paddle

SunsetPaddle FitnessPaddle


Kayak sales in the Finger Lakes

We are now offering Feelfree kayaks for sale at our Watkins Glen location. We are currently putting together a spring order so get the kayak you have always wanted in the color and size of your choice. You can also get matching gear such as paddles, coolers and bags. Visit for more information on their full line of recreational kayaks along with the best fishing kayaks on the market. If you have any questions or would like to place an order please call Mark at 607-535-2701 or cell 607-738-2726. See you on the waters of the Finger lakes!

Happy Independence Day!







Independence Day is this weekend, and the weather is looking very promising for outdoor activities. After the rainy June we’ve had, I think every one of us is looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Our kayak shack will be open in Watkins Glen 10-4 every day this *weekend. We’ll have the paddle boards out and ready to rent as well!


watkins weather


*weather dependent

Welcome Summer




Who hasn’t been waiting for summer in the Northeast? Since our severe winter, we have all been counting down the days to summer solstice 2015.  We thought a great way to celebrate would be to offer a sunset paddle on the first day of summer.

Sunday morning started off overcast and muggy. We had our doubts about whether or not we would even see the sun! After an early afternoon rain shower, the skies opened up and revealed that beautiful golden orb in the sky!

Accompanied by a mild north wind, we set out on our journey from the Watkins Glen Village Marina to Hector Falls around 6:10 pm, with sunset slated for approximately 8:45 pm. Our group of paddlers consisted of: a chemist, a firefighter, a junior in high school, a junior in college, a 2nd grade teacher, a paralegal, a mechanic and a contingent from the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce.

The clouds and rain must have kept most of the recreational boaters off the water, because we had the lake to ourselves except for the Stroller IV and a stray boat or two. There were a few signs of debris from the torrential rain the region had received earlier in the week. The most impressive sign from those rains were the lingering waterfalls pouring off the Painted Rocks.

Several minutes before we had our sights on Hector Falls, we could hear the rushing water. Our senses told us that the falls would be an impressive sight. Now usually our tours are able to paddle up the canal to the base of the falls, right alongside the cliffs. However, on today’s tour the force of the water coming from the falls kept us a good distance from the base. It was quite a ride in the rapids heading back to the lake!

As we made our way back south to Watkins Glen we were treated with the lovely sight of the True Love sailboat along the eastern shore of Seneca Lake. Below is a photo of the sun getting ready to set for Seneca Lake’s first sunset of the summer season. The setting sun was certainly a sight to behold, and an inspiration for where we are taking our business. Keep checking back for more sunset paddles throughout the summer.



Seneca Lake embraces summer


Strong water and rapids keeping us from getting to the base of our destination, Hector Falls.



Random cascades along the eastern cliffs of Seneca Lake


Our dedicated group of paddlers determined to make it to Hector Falls.

Summer Solstice Sunset Paddle


We are now taking reservations for the Summer Solstice Sunset Paddle the evening of 6/21/2015!

It will be $25pp and space is limited! Call 607-535-2701 for reservations and information.

Kicking off the Season

We’ve been on a  handful of charters and fishing excursions. It’s been a great year so far in terms of weather.

This weekend marks our first kayak tour of the season, we can’t wait to get out on Seneca Lake and take in it’s natural beauty. We have heard some reports of a male bald eagle making his rounds at the south end of the lake, so we hope to snap some photos to share.  As always kayak rentals are available on the weekends, and 7-days a week starting June 27th.


Fly fishing classes Fall Creek in Ithaca, New York

2015 Season Information

The fishing calendar is filling up, the weather is getting better, and fishing season will be upon us before we know it! The boat is currently getting its annual makeover and should be ready any day. In addition, Summit to Stream adventures is looking forward to opening the kayak shack for its sixth season on Memorial Day Weekend.

Call to book your charters and kayak tours now. We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Waneta Lake Musky Fishing & Photography

Some days the words just are not enough…on those days we share photos.

Stu Gallagher Photos.




Oh the sights you will see…

Another evening paddle is in the books.  We had near perfect conditions, as the lake laid down after a day of stormy Finger Lakes weather.  One nice thing about Seneca Lake, is that you will nearly never paddle the same conditions twice.

In addition to the pristine waters on the lake, we were treated to a few pleasant surprises.  As always watching the True Love sail past you is a sight to behold, but this night we witnessed the excitement of a sea plane making its landing on Seneca Lake.  As soon as we heard the hum of the single engine plane overhead, we all paused our paddling so we could take in the full experience.  The yellow sea plane banked over the Harbor Hotel then descended upon us as we floated along silently in awe.


Serene Seneca Lake by kayak




Seneca Legacy dinner boat on the left, deep center the yellow sea plane, far right the True Love schooner, and of course front and center a happy kayaker.



Close up shot of the yellow sea plane












Sunset Paddle

Just yesterday we took a tour of all girls out on a sunset paddle.  We had a few first-timers, and some experienced paddlers, and all-together it was a great group to go out with and enjoy a beautiful Seneca Lake sunset.

We set off the beach from the Village Marina around 6:20 p.m. Paddling north from there, we made our way past the Painted Rocks. In the distance we were greeted with views of the True Love sailboat against the serene backdrop of Seneca Lake.  There was a decent north wind in our faces as we headed to Hector Falls, but this group was up for the challenge.

photo 3

Once we got to Hector Falls, the sun turned peachy-orange and there was an golden hue set against the falls. A playful bunch, these women splashed and laughed their way down the grass-lined canal to the base of Hector Falls.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

After a few dozen camera clicks, the girls decided to head back to Watkins Glen.  As the sun got lower in the sky, the moon rose higher, and the blue herons flew overhead to their nests for the evening. Paddling toward the south end of Seneca Lake, the skies enveloped us with their pinkish-blues and the indigo blue lake water peacefully led our party back to the Seneca Harbor Marina.


photo 1